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How it work ?

Explore enables you to hire a team of dedicated developers on contract for your project. We understand recruitment can be painful and expensive. Also retaining top talent is equally difficult. We take away the pain and provide you cost effective solution to develop your products & projects with a team of resources working exclusively for you from our facilities.
We provide you top talent trained resources that are well equipped with latest technologies to work with you on complex web & mobile application projects. We let you pick the resources based on their experience & skills or we could suggest you the right team to get your project done efficiently.

What this means for you?

  • Cut Costs & Save about 70%
  • Quick to start working on your project as soon as you sign up
  • Experienced professionals with up to date & relevant skills
  • Low manpower fluctuation
  • No worries about benefits, health care, safety or other employee care
  • Flexibility to start & stop whenever you want
  • Hire as many as you want
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Pick your team from a pool of well-trained web developers, mobile developers, web designers, front-end programmers, qa/testers and project managers. We let you focus on your core business so you can go out and sell with peace of mind while we support & develop your product.
All our resources are English speaking and you can communicate directly with them through email, skype, chat or phone. Our project managers are dedicated to drive your projects and keep you updated with the progress and be in touch for any questions or inputs they need.
It is easy for an employee to leave a job. On the hand, it is strenuous on the part of an employer to replace an equally competent employee in a short period of time. Replacing an employee costs as much as 150% of the position's salary1. In a bid to provide solutions to cope such situations and save huge economic and productivity drain, we offer you to hire our dedicated resources on contract. We take away your pain in hiring resources spending to find and put the right people on board and again spend on training them to fit to the profile. A risk still hovers with employee retention and productivity. Taking all attention to detail connected to hiring; we provide efficient resources to work with you.

Our resources are available on 3 different engagement models

Full Time

  • 8 hours a day / 20 days a month

  • 160 hours a month

  • Monthly Billing in Advance

  • Min Contract Period - 2 months

Part Time

  • 4 hours a day / 20 days a month

  • 80 hours a month

  • Monthly Billing in Advance

  • Min Contract Period - 2 months


  • Any duration

  • Min Contract- 50 hours

  • Weekly Billing in Advance